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After Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the United States in September 2015, Chinese FDI to US has reached a new high of USD 45.6 billion in 2016, with total annual Chinese FDI at over 200 billion USD. While Chinese investment in the United States mainly focuses on services and high-end industrial sectors, sectors such as real estate, hotel, information & communication, entertainment and financial services continue to attract Chinese investors.

However, as the new US administration came into power in Jan 2017, US relations with China and the rest of the world are expected to undergo drastic changes due to policy changes. This will bring challenges as well as opportunities. For leaders of many governments and businesses, the USA which they are used to and understand is basically gone. They will need to learn how to deal with the new system and way of thinking and it will take some time to adjust in the next four years. However, as economic development will be one of the key priorities for the new administration, Chinese investors and business leaders will stand a better chance than before to do deals in the USA if they portray themselves as driven purely by commercial principles and proactively seek to work with the right partners in USA.

We believe that Nordvann will be able to play a very special and strategic role for Chinese investors seeking to invest into the US market.

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