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Nordvann Capital ("Nordvann") is a strategic and investment advisory firm established in 2016 by a group of international relations experts with the support of a group of international dignitaries, with the view to facilitating strategic capital flows between China and the rest of the world.

Nordvann believes that the improvement in Sino-US relationships should not be solely driven by diplomatic relationships between the two governments, but should also be strengthened by mutually beneficial cross-border investments, which will increase prosperity in both countries. Accordingly, the founders of Nordvann have built up a network comprising former state leaders and diplomats, government ministers, as well as heads and senior executives at regional development banks and other financial institutions, which it will leverage to facilitate bilateral capital flow between China and the USA.

"Nordvann" is a Norwegian word, which means in English "North Water". The founders of Nordvann drew the inspiration from one of its early projects related to Svalbard Island in the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic Ocean, with the purity of the water, is deeply revered by the peoples of many countries in the Northern hemisphere. For the Chinese people in particular, water is deemed a symbol of fortune.

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